08 June, 2010

Samsung All Problem Repair

x600 key pad
e700 mic problem
c-130 ""Recharge Battery
Samsung E810 Mic Problem
v200 mic and ear piece not working
samsung x426 sometime on sometime not
D 500 Camera Problem
antena jumper needed
x426 keypad not working
D900 camra problem
Samsung X426 Power On Problem
Samsung schematics
x460 no ringer
samsung e600 auto charge without charger
e720 mic problem
D500 Bluethoot and Infrared
x140 key pad
x600 blue screen
e310 mic not working
d600 dead after drop on road
help on x490 and x495 same problim
Help X700
All Samsung Keypad Solution
C 100 key pad not working
C 100 Charging problem
E350 keypad problem
x620 no responce to charger
N620 speaker ways
x100 charging problem
x120 samsung
D500 no working keypad
samsung E720 keypad failure
zv10 keypad not working.....
X 105 Keypad Not work
X 430 Keypad Not work
c 210 keypad no woking
c230 Auto Charging
X 105 Keypad Not work
X450 no network
samsung n620 airpice ways
D820 prevew error
S500 Call Failed
c130 dead
c 210 keypad no woking
e800 key pad problem.
samsung x660v please wait
x 600 ke pade strange problum
E250 Stuck On Logo
Samsung D500 keypad problem !!!
D500 Bluetooth Infrared error
z510 showing charging but bettery not charging.
A 800 on problem
c140 insertsim
x600 inset sim
..::samsung x490 speaker ok but in buzzer only noise::..
x640 fast discharge of battery
x428 mic problem
x100 dead
e250 white skreen .
Samsung D500 keypad solution
samsumg N710 not charging
x490 contact service
samsung n500 bad contrast
x620 key pad problam
Z500 Keyboad
N 710 keyPad not work
c100 mic and speaker
e250 help
X 820 water damage ...
x620 display light
i need circuit diagram SGH-i700 an SGH-i710.
E720 not keypad not work
x600 no display
x700 display not work after flash plz help
Samsung X530
X120 keypade
A 707 Unlocking Problem
d500 short
E700 LCD - info?
Samsung Keypad Solution 100%
X160 shows limited service
E700 ringer ok but no sound in earpiece
Samsung Diagram for Flat
sam x 200 light
E310c please wait restart hang probleam
x160 hang
..::C260 Pinouts::...
d500 dead after flashing
Help me
any one can help me
c130 dark lcd
N620 Insert sim card
D600 - 608 no mic
Samsung C260 keypad
c230 searching
E 250 KeyPad Not Working
samsung keepad solutions
Samsung E 250 KeyPad Not Working
c100 problem
d600 is dead
c 100 please wait
x640 pasued by tem.
..:: All_Samsung_Keypad_Solution ::..
Samsung E780 DC/DC Converter
E250 water damage
samsung x480 no net work
Converting Rar file
need mic solution for x150
e370 ringer problem
d900 keypad problem
D500 problem of battry charge quikly but not charging
X620 No Network
samsung N700 always in searching not show signal with sim card and without sim card
..::e330 internal display show blue::..
x700 display not work plz help
samsung c230 keypad problem
e700 White Display
c130 Limmited Service
C100 Please Wait Solution
X700 Speaker Not Working
D500 auto charging
X100 when is singal up set off
help me for c210 short
D600 hangs and goes off
E335 to 900
n710 keypad problem
sumsung n700 no network
L6 Dead
x430 ring not work plz help
sam e 700 key pad solution
c230 key pad
sumsung N700 simulation of charge
SAmsung T309
x210 display solution
n620 auto on
C 130 Mic Not Working
x105 speaker problem
N 700 key pad Not working
Samsung E-715 Spk.
v200 key pad problem
All Samsung Keypad Solution 100%
x600 dead after falash
Samsung D800 - how to replace the LCD....
t 400 mic problem
Help In X620
N620 system falure contact provider
help in samsung c130
E315 antena sw
E800 Short Afther Service
samsung c130 limited service
Phone Freezed need help
Big Problem In Samsung N710
c100 recharge battry
x150 auto charging
samsung c225
x160 hangs at start up logo
E 330 sim ways need
C130 Mic Problem
c100 ringer problem
please help me for r220 network complaint
i need x820 sim ways
samsung v200 speaker and mic not working
x640 shows charging but does not store charging
x640 camra problem
c130 call faild
x600 blue display
Samsung SGH-E250 Phone Freeze Problem
x 200 limited service
D500 limited service
Please Can Any one Give Ways for D820
d900 memory card problem
unlock samsung sgh-t519
Z400 Camera Failed
Samsung keypad solution
Samsung C100 No Serivce Problem
samsung sgh-z150 display problem
D500 auto on off
x120 ringer ok speaker problem.
N620 is dead
samsung x620 Dead
samsung x620 Dead
C100 charging problem
x6oo fully charge problem
Samsung P300 Mic Problem
c100 shows charging without battery but it does not show charging with battery
x600 Limited Service Please Help
c100 auto charging
help me E310 no LED
sumsung D500 camera "capture error"
D600 Blank Lcd
Samsung Hardware Repair Guide(New)
samsung c100 continous beep
E250 insert sim
Samsung C300 Keypad Not Working
X510 mic not working
..::x700 Blinks When Insert Charger::..
e810 not show charging
Samsung X426-X427 Conversion for free
c100 ear piece problem
D520 Sim Lock Code
d520 key problem
E200 help
..::samsung d900 fully water damage now short::...
c160 sim track need
e310 hang-up
x450 limited service
D900 freeze on logo after replace LCD
x105 limited serveshelp me
Samsung SGH-E250 - Setting EIME Number
how i can put e900 charging connector
x105 no networ help me
X 610 Charging Problem
E 860 Keypad Problem
Samsung C100 Charging Dived
X 200 Mic Problem
x120 no charging safe and atoo charging dim
D900 Display Solution - need ur HELP..
E820 check battery temperature
x160 lcd ways
sim wayes
x530 line in lcd
sgm T209 not signal
X 700 Camera Problem
r220 mic problam plzhelpme
d500 dead after case change
Samsung E630 Keypad not working?
Samsung Sgh-c160 Keypad Hang Problem..
SAMSUNG E840 keypad not working
D520 reboot when go into menu
samsung SGH-D900I Network problem help