08 June, 2010

Samsung All Problem Repair

Sgh-x100 No Lcd Light & Keypad Light Is Always On
Sgh-d410 Autocharging Problem
R220 system failyer
c200 signal problem
V200 Paused by te,prature soulution need???
d510 dead after charg lg
x 100 charging
v200 sim ways needed
x600 after 2 mints shows fully charging...
c210 problem
x 100 auto charging
x 426 no service
d500 total dead
x427 key pad
unlocking sgh-t309
e330 keypad not working
x100 keypad not working
samsung sch-a850 unlock.
need c100 manual pa making
C100 insert sim ways
C210 hanging problem
d 410
X610 Hang on Startup
X650 Lock up & Reset when Power on
c100 sim track needed
C100 Speker Problem
Help Me!!!! X495
Q400 insirt sim
samsung r220 charging not save
Samsung N700 Restart
Samsung D600 restart & freeze
D500 keypad sometimes doesn't
X480 Sim Ways Need
samsung x620 insert sim problem
samsung c230 display light problem
Samsung E630 problem network
n620 system failure
n620 system failure
a 800 sound
e710 No ring, no vibrate and voice
C 230 Hang problem
C230 sim ways
x100 On calling hang restart.
need s500 call failed solution
c100 charging jack ways
Everyday Samsung Hardware Check It
samsung r220 strange problem
C100 problems
c200 spk wayz. help plz
x6oo after flash only light display
C110 Dead
x820 need help urgent plz.
d 500 limited service
A800 white disply
x100 mic
n700 no service
n620 charging
x100 auto charging
E600 No singal
which box is best for samsung
E350 keypad problem>turning off
C230 Key Pad Hang
v200limited service
e300 dead
d600 key pad
c100 speaker problume
X200 signal fault.....
samsung v200 speaker/buzzer ways needed
n620 mic ways
X-150 Charging problem
dat interface software?
d500 restart problem
samsung v200 buzzer and speaker ways
samsung c230 no network?
X430 Dead
D-820 screen problem
A800 charging problem
x100 always callfailed
D-820 No light on lcd!!
r220 lcd lights blinking
D-820 Lcd Backlight
c100 charging jack ways
vib+Music samsung
all samsung hardware solution
samsung x640 keypad not work
samsung D500
a800 problem
x600 1 minuts in charging full
x600 is dead
c100 keypad not working
c100 dead
need help n500......
c100 speaker problume
A800 Ringer Too low
X100 No Speaker
D800 speaker problam.
e715 halp me
Samsung C225 simways
full charging e760
Samsung R-220 Keypad
X640 hang on startup screen
x100 no service
D500 camera please wait
x450 signal problem and ringer
x100 limited service
x480 keypad problem
samsung x480 freeze on start up
c100 flashing ok but no power
n710 dead
samsung e370 net lock
v200 please wait problem
x430 blue lcd
x426 antenna switcher problem
E 715 Ringer Problem
x 700 limited service
t400 system failure
x100 ringer problem
E 900
Samsung X200 Transferring files using Infrared
All Codes for smasung & some other mobiles
E700 Solutions
samsung X820 no ringer voice.help me....?
x 100
x100 cgarging but no save
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n620 only power button works
n700 keypad not working
samsung d500 hangs
samsung d500 hangs
c225 sim ways
d500 charging
x 200 charging ways
SGH-D820 Schematic
samsung e715 earpiece problem
R220 and N620 limited service help me
D500 Whitescreen
x430 chrage why hillp
N710 keypad not work??
Samsung C-210 Keypad not working
Samsung D600 LCD problem
Samsung A-800 LCD Light problem
Samsung E.330 strip problem
SS D410 is dead by flex cable!
Samsung X-210 keypad not working
Samsung X-600 charging fake battery
Samsung X-100 Mic problem
samsung X450 no service
D900 Winimei HELP
X100 (Check battry temperather)
Samsung X-430 No Service/Limited service
c100 problim charging
x450 no serves plzzz help me with pitcher
c100 limited service
E105 charging problem
D500 show only operator
Samsung Repair Pic Pack
C100 - No Signal
N 710 key pad not working
c120 antena switch solution
X100 Blue display......
C 100 Problem Serching.
r220 call failed
x.105 no network found
samsung d500
always with samsung d500
N500 no voice
x 200 key pad not working
E 800 charge pb
Help neded for c200
x450 searching
E 715 no service
x600 key pad not working
keepad not work
c100 1st boot ok Flashing Error
C110 charging Not Save
Samsung varistors place
c230 key pad problem
x100 battery terminal
samsung hang on start up or just blink samsung
X200 Contact Service Plz Help
X200 Limited service
x600 call failed ?
X100 Gray LCD after flash
A800 mic problem
samsung 620 network problem
X100 Key pad Not Working
x460 no network
X820 hangs and restarts
n710 lcd
X600 No LCD Lights
Samsung All Keypad Problams
T309 convert to 900 Mhz
c 100 different
x 600 lcd
N500 Speaker not working
X120 mic Problem
R220 Battary Problem
R220 Can't Power On Unless Charger Connected
x 495 serching
X100 Mic And Speaker Problem
e715 any key not working
... solutions ...
need p850 service manual???
x600 Hang problem
C100 No Ringer
E 700 dead
x600 flash problem
N500 sim ways
e700 display
x450 keys not work
samsung c120 keypad
strange prob with samsung x66o
SAMSUNG IC model list
e330 key pad problem
x490 blue screen
E710 Need Flash File Please Help
X700 Keypad Solution
samsung x600 charging
R220 no service
r220 one or two signals
x100 does not display better signals
r220 speaker problem
x210 chaging
hi sir help me for x160 not chring
X475 No Charging
R220 no light
samsuns x150 ringer and buzer not working
X210 light blink?
c130 white secreen
e335 pic needed...
a800 white lcd
x490 limited service
HELP R220 battery connector ways
X 100 ant switch
X100 Ringer Sound Slow
All samsung code
v200 pause by temprature solution needed